7 ways to limit your screen time

 Nowadays we all are spending most of the time in front of the screen in our daily life. This high usage of mobile phones, computers, laptops and tablets has changed our daily routine but with it we are also facing various health problems. So, to keep our physical and mental health in balance, we need to control our screen time. Here we will give some SEO friendly tips through which you can reduce your screen time.

1. Have regular vacations: 

Make an effort to spend time with your friends and family after a hard day's work and on weekends. This will help you reduce the time spent in front of the screen.

2. No Phone Zone: 

Stop using mobile phone while eating food and before sleeping. Doing this will automatically reduce your screen time.

3. Set a daily screen time limit:

For example, you might think that you allow yourself to spend an hour or two on screens a day.

4. Choose different activities:

Try to enjoy different activities to replace the time spent in front of the screen. You can adopt electrical computer games, yoga, studies, or any other hobby.

5. Restrict social media time: 

Social media platforms encourage you to stand in front of your screen for long hours. So, to control it, set time limits and minimize the use of social media apps.

6. Night Mode: 

Before going to sleep at night, switch your smartphone and computer to Night Mode. Night mode dims the screen brightness to give rest to your eyes and doesn't disturb your sleep.

7. Screen-free areas: 

Choose areas in your home where you can spend time without screens. You can read a book, go for a walk outside, or play a game.


Restricting your screen time is beneficial to your health. It will help keep your eyes, back, neck and brain healthy, and keep you more active and enthusiastic. By adopting these tips, you can make your routine healthy and efficient and limit your screen time.

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