what is stock market,what does it do,and how does it works?

 Believe it or not, the stock market is playing a big role in your life. Many people hear by the name, but what is its true meaning and how it works, very few people know it. In this blog, we will try to give detailed information about stock market.

What is stock market?

Stock market is a place where the underlying games of the stock market are played. In this individuals or companies use stocks or shares to sell or buy a part of their financial existence. In this, shares are issued by companies for various reasons and are bought at a price determined by law.

What does the stock market do?

Stock market aggregates various individuals and companies who want to invest using their money. In this, investors or financial institutions buy and sell various shares from which they get profit. In the most general sense, the stock market is a medium for investors to buy and sell stocks of various companies.

How does stock market work?

The buying and selling process of the stock market is quite simple. In this the following steps are followed:

1. Take action:

You should not ignore before investing in the stock market. Choose stocks from different companies as per your financial goals.

2. Buy Shares:

When you want to buy stocks of particular companies, you need to take the help of a broker. A broker is a person or organization that helps you invest in the stock market. Through them you buy the shares you want to buy and whose price will be at that time.

3. Investment Process:

When you place an order to buy shares, the amount is deducted from your account and credited to your broker's account. The broker then buys the stocks for you at the highest price and holds them in your account.

4. Sell Shares:

When the value of your stocks increases, you can sell them and make a profit. You can also hold your stocks and wait for their price movements.

Before investing in stock market, you must study about stock market and investment methods. While investing always keep in mind that this is financial market and price fluctuations are common, so be cautious and do your investments wisely. Be patient and rely on your own study and experience for success.

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